What is distance healing and what are its healing benefits?

Distance healing is when a spiritually-developed healer heals someone who lives far away or remotely. Distance healing occurs when a client and healer agree to the same time and date. This ensures that both client and healer are able to receive Qi-healing from distant healers. It is helpful to have a picture of a patient in order to establish a strong etheric link with them. Come and visit our website search it on official source you can learn more.

Why is it so effective?

The following principles are based in part on the principles and practice of pranic heal.

Principle of transmittability. Transmitting vital energy, life force, from one person can transmit it to another.

Principle of Receptivity. To receive the projected Pranic Energy, a patient must either be receptive or neutral. Receptivity is also increased when the patient is relaxed. Receptivity is crucial to the ability to absorb or retain the pranic energy. It is possible that patients aren’t receptive due to their biases towards this type healing, because they don’t like the healer personally or they are not open for any kind of healing.

Principle of interconnectedness. Both the body and energy of the earth are interconnected. On a subtler level, it means we are part of our solar system. We are interconnected with all of the cosmos. The Principles of Oneness and Interconnectedness are also known as the Principles of Interconnectedness.

Principle of Directability. Life force can be directed. It follows where your attention is directed; it follows your thoughts. Distant pranic heal is based upon the principles of directability as well as interconnectedness.

Healing benefits of distant healing

Distance healing has the same benefits for physical, psychological, and emotional healing as regular Qi/healing sessions. Many clients reported feeling lifted, with an overall sense of tingling throughout the body and inner peace. Some clients report feeling lighter, more vibrant, energized, happy, and refreshed.


While one-on-1 Qi-healing and pranic sessions are generally preferred methods of healing, remote healing is also an option.

Buddha Kuan Yin, Ricardo’s principal healing spiritual guide, is available to assist him in his distant healing work. Other ascended masters of healing are also available for assistance during the distance healing session. To heal a patient’s problem at the distance, a spiritual healer uses Tianqi (divine spiritual (God’s) energy) to direct it.

Understanding the basics of gold investing

It is one of best investment decisions that anyone can make, especially in these uncertain economic times. Investing in gold will protect your portfolio against the risks of inflation, wars, natural and human disasters as well fluctuations in stock prices. Gold investing, as with any other investment, has its risks. It is important to understand and minimize these risks so that you can realize the returns you desire. Visit gold ira florida before reading this.

The benefits of investing in gold

It is normal to want a reason why you do something, especially if money is involved. These are three major benefits that gold investments can bring to you.

1. Protection from inflation

In times when inflation is high, money tends not to have the purchasing power it used to. This causes an increase in living expenses. However, gold prices are not affected by inflation forces. As such, gold investing can be a good way to cushion your money from inflation and generate great capital returns.

2. Liquidity

One of its greatest advantages is its high liquidity. That means you can quickly trade your gold for cash. If you have ever attempted to get quick cash by selling your car or house, you know how hard it can be to find the right buyer. It is the opposite with gold. It’s easy to trade gold for cash. You only need to visit a dealer who deals in precious metals in your area to sell your gold. It’s simple!

3. Safe investment

In spite of economic difficulties, gold has remained a safe investment option. One ounce of pure gold could have bought a suit for you at the start of the 20th-century. An ounce is now worth about $1300. This is enough to get a nice suit. It is the same with the dollar. Over the past century, its value has declined significantly. This makes gold investments an excellent choice for investors who want to save the most money on retirement.

Gold investments are an option

You have many options when it comes to investing in gold. All you need is to decide your investment goals. If your goal is to grow your wealth and make money, physical gold could be the best investment. This can take the form of bars, coins and biscuits. Here are the top gold investing opportunities you might like to consider.

1. Physical gold

One of the earliest forms of legal tender around the globe was gold. If you want to invest in physical Gold, then you should consider buying bullions and gold coins. It is possible to buy gold bullions, and gold coins from the government. These are common currency coins, so they are more expensive that other types of gold investments. American Eagle Coins (or Canadian Maple Leafs) are two types of gold coins worth considering.

2. Gold IRA Investment

You need to look into investing in gold IRAs if you want to be able to plan for retirement. IRS created Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs), to help American citizens save money for retirement. There are two types o investment options for gold IRAs — conventional and gold roth IRA.

Investors often refer to gold as the “ultimate haven”. Gold investment can be a great way for investors to protect themselves against currency devaluation, economic and natural disasters, and the forces that inflation and deflation. Gold investments will always provide positive returns when other investment options falter. Not unlike currency, gold is intrinsically valuable and retains its purchasing power throughout generations.