Gem Therapy

They are rare and valuable. Only the most wealthy and powerful families can possess and own them —-. Even men will wear gemstones as an expression of their wealth and power.

These precious stones were part of ancient and medieval kingdoms’ financial reserves. The great rulers were adorned with rubies, diamonds and pearls in silver chains and gold crowns. A king’s choice of gemstones helped him stand out from his subjects. It also showed his power and wealth.

These precious and semiprecious gemstones were created for other purposes. Because of its inherent color and clarity, each gem is believed to alter the flow or natural light. This affects the aura around the person. Astrologers and gem therapy experts believe that each individual’s aura is affected by the planet positions in their birth charts (janam patri) and, to lesser degree, the development of his/her personality. Wearing the right gemstone can correct any personality flaws, career problems, relationships issues, or other imbalances.

Apart from diplomacy and battle, the kings in the past secretly used magic and spells to defeat each other. The protection provided by these gemstones was against evil rituals and spells. These days are gone, but people continue to believe in the influence of gemstones on one’s personality and destiny. Wearing gemstones is not a sin as there are no consequences to self or others and no laws (except the common sense) is broken. There have been times when I was advised to wear pearls, rubies —-and sapphiresespecially when relationships aren’t going well or there has been an extended spell of illness.

External gemstones such as earrings, necklaces and crowns can affect a person’s aura. The ancient Indian astronomer-astrologer Varahamihira compiled the Hora Sara listing the various gems and their properties and uses. These works have been supplemented with information from other cultures. Modern research has supported the claims that this information is accurate. To be truly effective, the astrologists recommend that you wear these stones as rings.

Below is a listing of gems with therapeutic values (with Hindi names in italics).

1) Moti (or pearl)–a clear, white, calming stone which improves memory and treats eye problems.

2) The Emerald (panna), a green gemstone that is said to treat heart problems, disorders of the nervous system and other issues.

Hessonite (gomed), an orange-brown rock (hence, the name gomedh or cow’s urine), that treats external burns as well as acidity. This helps to ease pain and cool the body.

4) Ruby (mani), a red-colored stone which elevates one’s social status, makes them more friendly and happier. This stone can also be used to treat stomach pain, rheumatism and ulcers.

5) Coral (munga), – also a red rock that can be used to treat diabetes, measles, blindness and impotency.

Blue Sapphire (neelam), a blue gemstone that treats nervousness, mental disorders, meningitis and kidney problems.

7) The cat’s eye (lahsuniya), a yellow/gold-colored stone that is used to treat all types of cancer, is called “cat’s eye”.

8) Heera (Diamond)–a transparent gemstone that inhibits the formation of pus or mucous and cures diabetes as well as STDs.

9) Yellow Sapphire (pukhraj), a yellow gemstone that can cure cholera, jaundice and treat throat and tooth problems.

They aren’t medically supported and the use of these qualities depends on an individual’s belief. These stones are not recommended to be worn or purchased. For the time they recommend, gem therapists or astrologers will lend out gemstones. While it is obvious that most people are just in it for the money, some well-respected astrologers will take the gem back once it has been used. Others return the cash if it does not have the desired effects.

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