Striking a Balance in Today’s Business Environment

In the name of confronting reality, managers and leaders that use a negative tone and criticize others in an effort to be more realistic alienate both their staff and their customers. They close off honest and open communication within their companies and create cynical cultures. Neglecting the positive in favor of focusing on only the negative is a type of management malpractice. See Serge Robichaud Financial Advisor for get more info.

Management malpractice can never be eliminated if we only expect this from managers and leadership in our organization. Neglecting positive aspects and only focusing on the negative can lead to a dangerous situation where you never consider the possibilities of change, advancement, success, satisfaction, or happiness.

This attitude is too negative for change to occur. Others say the only way to break a bad behavior is to confront all of its ugly consequences.

Advice that is good. To apply such advice, you must first imagine the life that will follow after the bad habit has been eliminated. The process of overcoming negative habits by focusing on positives is not evil or bad. In fact, it’s an important part of your personal development. Take advantage of it.

William James offers some more excellent advice. “The greatest revelation of my generation was that an individual can transform his or her life through changing their attitudes and thoughts. . . It is the essence of wisdom to know what you should overlook. Our organizations can rise above management malpractice and achieve new levels in terms of happiness, satisfaction, success, trust and cooperation.