Herbal Medicine: Reishi Mushroom, Vitality, and Longevity In a Fungus Formula

Quick, what Chinese herb lives in rotting wood near to the surface of deep, dark forests? This is the reishi mushrooms, also known as Ling Zhi in Chinese herbal medicines nomenclature. On soulcybin you can learn more.

The powerful immune booster properties of the reishi mushroom are well-known and it has been venerated as a magical medicinal. How does Ling Zhi’s eastern and western traits match up?

This fungus has a unique function in Chinese medicine. It travels to the five Yin ossuaries. Its sweet, warm, medicinal nature nourishes the energy of your liver, kidneys and spleen. It is used often to treat insomnia and to nourish the heart. The heart is also affected by its cardiovascular functions, which include lowering blood pressures and cholesterol.

Western research on the properties of this unique mushroom has shown that it could have an important impact on the immune system’s T- and NK cell populations. These cells are especially important for patients with HIV/AIDS, cancer and HIV. Ling Zhi may also be used by people to help them feel better when they have a cold or flu. The ability to lower blood sugar by increasing blood flow and opening up arteries to the heart, may be one of its cardiovascular benefits. The liver is responsible for the production of cholesterol. Reishi mushrooms extracts may be capable of lowering cholesterol levels by blocking cholesterol production. All these amazing properties make the Ling Zhi the king of the longevity and immune system-boosting arena.

Reishi mushroom can be eaten, but it’s possible to get a pill form of herbal extract. You should consult a herbalist before using this herb. Talk to your physician as well. Ling Zhi is a Chinese medicinal that has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years. The most intriguing aspect of Ling Zhi is its nourishing and diverse properties. The reishi mushroom has received such positive reviews that it should be included in your natural health and wellbeing plan.